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Sometimes we all need some help solving family problems. Attorney Ron Nisch can help you with problems like divorce, dissolution, custody, child support, juvenile court and other child-related issues, foreclosure, consumer issues, small business, wills, guardianships, adoption, and other family problems. He’ll fight for your rights, help you find solutions, and do so with care and compassion. And he’ll help as affordably as possible.

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Divorce and Dissolution

The breakup of a marriage can be the most emotionally draining experience any of us can have. People going through the legal process of divorce often feel like they are out of control of their own lives, that they are being taken advantage of, or that decisions are being made for them. You want to feel like your rights are protected, but you don’t want to hurt your kids and you don’t want to be an emotional casualty of the process.

Attorney Ron Nisch will help you manage and control the end of a marriage with care, collaborate with you on all aspects of the process, and protect your parental and property rights. He’ll help you work towards solutions and effectively litigate for you in court.

Dissolution can be a very advantageous way to end a marriage. It can be quicker and much less expensive than divorce. It can be better for the emotional well being of you and your kids. Attorney Ron Nisch will fully advise you on dissolution as an option.

Ron also has considerable experience helping clients with domestic violence related issues and civil protection orders.

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Juvenile Court Issues

Sometimes unmarried parents need solutions for problems with custody, visitation, or child support. Sometimes parents have other problems with their kids that the Juvenile Court has become involved with. Grandparents are often involved in these issues and need help too.

Attorney Ron Nisch has a long history of helping parents and grandparents with juvenile court problems. He knows how the system works and can help make it work better for you. He can help you with juvenile court custody issues, visitation, child support, paternity, truancy, juvenile criminal charges, and child abuse and neglect.

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Foreclosure, Eviction

Many of us have bumps in the road that can leave us vulnerable financially, and can put the ownership of your home in jeopardy. If you’re having trouble with your mortgage, the worst thing you can do is ignore the problem, or assume that it’s inevitable that the bank will take back your home or that you have to move out right away. Dealing with a bank or a bank’s lawyer, especially after a foreclosure has been filed, can seem like an impossible task.

Even if a foreclosure has been filed, attorney Ron Nisch can help you manage the problem, deal with the bank, and explore the options to keep you in your home. Don’t ignore this problem – call attorney Ron Nisch.

Ron also has considerable experience helping both landlords and tenants with eviction and other landlord-tenant issues. Ron can advise and represent landlords regarding evictions, and help with other tenant management issues, such as notices and leases.

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Consumer Rip-Offs

If you feel like you’ve been the victim of a deceptive act by a business, maybe you’ve been ripped off by a salesman who has sold you something in your home, or a contractor or a car dealer haven’t done what they agreed to do, or you’re having some other kind of consumer issue. Call attorney Ron Nisch and he’ll discuss with you your options for righting these kinds of wrongs.

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Small Business

Having a small business and being self-employed is becoming a much more frequent option in helping families succeed in this economy. Attorney Ron Nisch can work with you on the options and the problems of small business and self-employment. Ron also has experience with businesses and careers in music, the arts, and intellectual property.

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Wills, Adoptions, Guardianships,

School Issues, Disabilities, Appeals

Attorney Ron Nisch has experience providing help with other problems that families sometimes confront, including drafting simple wills, filing for adoption, guardianship options, help with school issues such as suspensions, expulsions, and special education, and help for those with disability related issues. For family problems like these and others, he can help you confront and manage the issues, and if necessary make appropriate referrals for you.

Ron also has considerable appellate law experience, helping clients appeal adverse decisions to higher courts.

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